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Our Team

Our Company is the leading program for the management, treatment and rehab for spinal column and discomfort relief and sports-related injuries. Here in Our Company Spine and Pain, our approach is to cultivate the mind, body, and spirit through thorough services and minimally intrusive interventional strategies. We deal with the complete spectrum of discomfort conditions from complex back and neck discomfort and the tough to identify conditions to those who have actually failed with previous surgical treatments. We value you trusting us with your discomfort management and rehab. Do not let persistent discomfort take control of your life. Return to much better health.

At Our Company Spine and Pain we think about the entire individual and their household when dealing with the discomfort. Discomfort Clinic personnel deal with other healthcare experts, physiotherapists, family doctor and services that might be required such as social workers, hospice, house care companies, behavioral health professionals to help with adjustment of lifestyle and to motivate keeping and restoring optimal lifestyle.


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